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Today's Pool Hours - 11a to 4p  
Bump, Set, Spike.
Best Sand Volleyball in Charlotte!

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or wanting to better your skills, we have it all!

At Rama Swim Club, we have the best sand volleyball courts in Charlotte with competitive and pick up league options available. There is something for all skill levels.

We have Fall, Spring, & Summer leagues available for members.

Become a sand volleyball member today!
Individuals – $100 per year
Couples – $150 per year

Don’t see the answers to your questions contact RamaActivities@gmail.com for more information.

I'm Ready to Play Volleyball!
Pick-Up Games

We guarantee this is the most fun you’ll have on a Wednesday night. You can work on perfecting your setting technique or you can see how well you play while holding a beer. This is always weather permitting. All skill levels welcome!

Wednesdays: Open play for Members of all abilities and ages. This is 4 vs 4 Co-ed play, and we try to mix teams up to be equal and fun. The fun starts at 7:00pm (weather permitting).

*The pick-up volleyball season runs from April to November depending on weather.

Be sure to purchase a guest pass if you are looking to bring a friend!


Competitive Play

When we say “competitive” – do we mean April Ross or Jake Gibb level? Well, almost. These players mean [fun!] business and want you to get on their level.

Tuesdays: Adult or teens with 2v2 experience are welcome, this is co-ed. Tuesday’s competitive play is a fun night for those who are looking to get out and get sand action. Time: 6-9pm (or when you can get there). *Weather permitting this league runs April to November.

This league is run by Lindalee Davis, and she can be reached at: lindaleeandron@gmail.com

Thursdays: Highly competitive Doubles Adult Men’s League, 5–9 p.m. 2vs2

Weather dependent this league typically runs March to November

This league is run by Alexander Bradley, and he can be reached at: bradleyaw@gmail.com

Fridays: King of the Sand Team Play is a set of summer tournaments with TBD start date. This is a highly competitive 4 vs 4 league. Tournaments will start at 7:00pm.  If you would like more information about the summer tournaments please contact Andy Goretti at andy.goretti@gmail.com

Questions about Volleyball?

Contact our Activities Director

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