Want to sponsor Rama Swim Club?

Give back to the community, improve your street cred, and be a hero to our members!

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Sponsorships are a great way to reach thousands of current and future members, other local businesses, and over 400 households.

Platinum: Showcase your business in the RamaGram which reaches nearly 1,000 people and local businesses. We produce 27 RamaGrams annually.Β 
Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb once per month
May, Jun, Jul, Aug weekly
Mar, Apr, September twice monthly

Gold: Swim Team sponsors can be included on our Swim Team t-shirts, produced annually for all swimmers, parents, and sold at meets. Gain market recognition for years to come, as our vintage t-shirts are still being worn.

Bronze: You can choose to have your company banner at all swim team practices and swim meets. Reach not only Rama Swim Club members, but all the visiting teams for our 4 home meets each year.Β 

Silver: Volleyball and Tennis sponsorships are also available, reaching many members, league players and sponsorships are included in all RamaGrams.


RamaGram, Swim Team banner, Swim Team t-shirts, Volleyball or Tennis sponsorships

Platinum Sponsorship Level - $200.00
Gold Sponsorship Level - $500.00
Silver Sponsorship Level - $200.00
Bronze Sponsorship Level - $200.00

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Rama Swim Club wants to be a partner to your business. Rama’s Board of Directors wants you to know that we take our mission of providing a safe, clean, and fun experience for the whole family seriously. Rama Swim Club Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the number of any option of sponsorships available at any time. Rama Swim Club Board of Directors must approve any marketing that will be produced as a Sponsor, for any option chosen by the business.

Questions? Contact Us at ramaswimclub@gmail.com

Several options to choose from...


RamaGram Sponsorship $200   β“˜
Social media shoutouts (FB & Insta)   β“˜


Swim Team T-shirt Sponsorship $500   β“˜
Company logo on swim team t-shirts   β“˜
Social media shoutout (FB & Insta)   β“˜


Swim Team Sponsorship $200   β“˜
Poolside banner for 4 home meets and all practices   β“˜
Social media shoutout (FB & Insta)   β“˜


Volleyball or Tennis Sponsorship $200   β“˜
Courtside banner for fall and spring seasons   β“˜
Social media shoutout (FB & Insta)   β“˜