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Queens Grant Entryway

In 2020, Rama Swim Club took over management of the Queens Grant Entryway at Lynbrook Drive and Rama Road, coming into the Stonehaven neighborhood.

Managed for many years by the late Marge Murphy, the Queens Grant Entryway was lovingly maintained by many volunteers and funds were raised to support that maintenance, including the irrigation installation, the water and gas bills, and annual flowers. They reached out to Rama, asking for the club to take over the maintenance of the median. 

In taking on this responsibility, Rama Swim Club worked with the remaining Queens Grant volunteers and Duke Energy’s Community Engagement team to get electricity wired to the brick entrance wall and a meter installed. Now, the median is gorgeously landscaped and currently blooming with colorful flowers.  The 100% brass lanterns have been upgraded to energy efficient LED lamps that will last for many more decades.

​As the volunteers for Queens Grant Entryway did for many years, Rama Swim Club will be fundraising, every two years, for donations to help offset the cost of the maintenance, flowers, trees and shrubs.

In 2024, we will be raising funds to maintain the median which will include the irrigation/water bill, electric bill, landscape maintenance – provided by Tenmile Landscaping whom we highly recommend – and additional trimming and upkeep of the Crepe Myrtle trees.

Thank you to all who contributed to LIGHT UP THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

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