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Pickleball Clinics
Rama Swim Club is offering Beginner and Intermediate pickleball clinics for current members and non-members, throughout the fall.
Pickleball Clinics

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Below are clinics for Intermediate players. Zach McDivitt, is a pickleball pro with a DUPR rating of 5.6 as a pro player and Pickleball instructor. Zach has been serving as a pro instructor for Level Up camps, with a focus on teaching technique and strategy of an evolving game. From Ohio originally, Zach has been playing pickleball since 2010.  Transitioning from a successful collegiate tennis career at Otterbein University, Zach started playing pickleball at the 5.0 and Pro level tournaments in 2014.

Discounts for current Rama members: log into your account on this website, and the discount will be added to your checkout process.

Janet Caponi, fellow Rama member, has earned credentials as a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor and is graciously offering her services at Rama. Choose from dates below.

**If you are a Rama Elementary school teacher, please reach out to RamaSwimClub@gmail.com for an additional discount on your clinic registration**

Beginners 1
This clinic is for people who have never played, or played casually without fully understanding the rules of the game. In one hour we will review basic rules, gripon the paddle, common shots (dinks, volleys, lobs, overheads, and serves), and have you playing a safe and proper game of pickleball.

Beginners 2 
This clinic is for players who are familiar with the basic rules, have played several times (or completed the Beginners 1 clinic), and are ready to learn the technical parameters of Stance, Weight Transfer, and Contact Point. We will do drills to improve consistency and accuracy, ending with a game rally to practice what we learned.

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