Welcome Future New Members!

The coolest club in town is at capacity right now. Please click the button below to register on the waitlist.* You will be asked to choose your membership level at checkout. We promise we won't leave you hanging! We also offer Racquet and Volleyball memberships that are available now!

Rama Swim Club Waitlist Fee


*Placing yourself on the waitlist incurs a $100 one-time, non-refundable deposit fee for Rama Swim Club. This is a one-time fee to access to the waitlist, and does not initiate a membership contract between Rama Swim Club and the interested party. This fee will be applied to your initiation fee when you join the pool.

Wait List Fee

Racquet Membership Only


We have active leagues and private lessons are available. Plus, is there honestly a better way to destress than smacking some balls around? There is no waitlist for the Racquet Membership. Racquet members who would like to be Pool Members must sign up on the waitlist. Membership is valid for one year.

Racquet Sport Only – Individual

Volleyball Membership Only


Enjoy access to our two lighted sand volleyball courts. Whether you want to feed your need for competition or just want to have a beer and enjoy a pick-up game, volleyball never disappoints. There is no waitlist for the Volleyball Membership. Volleyball members who would like to be Pool Members must sign up on the waitlist. Membership is valid for one year.

Volleyball Only – Individual

Volleyball Only – Couple

Senior Membership


Looking for a vibrant fun community to join, with access to swim, tennis, pickleball, volleyball and amazing social events? You've found the right place. Senior membership includes an individual or two people, one of whom is at least 65 years old, who live in the same household. There's no better way to cool off during the summer. The membership also includes access to volleyball and racquet courts.

Senior Membership

What’s Next After Paying Online?

If you purchased a Membership, you can then sign into the Member Dashboard using the default PIN of 1111 (if you are a first-time member).

From there, you can fill in your Household info, change your PIN, read member-only news, and much more!

Welcome to the club!