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Adult Lap Swimming


  • There must be at least 2 people present to swim.
  • Lap swim begins at the top of the hour (6 or 7).
  • It last 45 minutes, please be on time, if there are not enough people to swim then the doors will be locked at 5-minutes after the hour.
  • Only sign up if you are absolutely going to swim at least 30 minutes.
  • If you have to cancel, please try to do it no later than the night before.
  • Check the Sign-up Genius on the morning of your session, to ensure there are enough people signed up.


How do I signup for adult lap swim?
You can signup on the signup genius: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b44acaa29a13-adult#/

Can I show up anytime during the 45 minute session?
No. Swimming begins at 6 and 7. A swim workout usually takes 30-45 minutes. There is no-one there to lifeguard or monitor these sessions. If you don’t show up by 6:05 or 7:05, then people may not be able to swim. You are there for the other swimmers.
I only want to swim for 15-20 minutes, can I still sign up?
No. This is for people who want to swim for no less than 30 minutes. If you leave early, then someone may not be able to finish their workout.
Can I still swim if I am the only one that signed up?
No. For safety reasons, you can not swim alone. If no-one else signs up or if someone cancels at the last minute, then the session will be canceled and you will not be able to swim. It is important to check the sign up on the morning of your session before you head to the pool.
If I’m the only one signed up can I bring a spouse or friend to swim with me, or monitor me while I swim?
Yes. You may bring a spouse or a friend to monitor you or swim with you. You must text our Swim Coordinator to let them know you are doing this.
How do I cancel my signup if my plans change, illness occurs, or there is a last minute emergency?
In order to cancel you will need to be signed into your Signup Genius account. Go to your Lap swim signup, select the day and time you signed up for and select the cancel button. Please try to cancel as soon as your plans change.
Can my children swim with me during Adult Lap Swim?
No. This is an adult only program.

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